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Educational goals This course incontri approfondimenti magistrali docenti luiss to give the basic quantitative tools for the analysis and solution of optimization problems, the understanding of bond markets, the selection of milamo bakeka incontri portfolios, the valuation and management of insurance coverage, and the measurement and management of risks. Linear optimization problems, with business applications: Portfolio Models — Efficient portfolios with no short-sale restrictions; — Variance-covariance matrix; — Efficient portfolios without short sales. Actuarial mathematics for life and non-life insurance: Assessment Method Individual exam on the practical part computer-based and individual exam on the theoretical part. Criteria for Deciding on Final Paper — Strong attitude towards quantitative subjects. Linear Programming Notes provided by the instructor: Exercises in computer lab: Linear Programming 4 th: Linear Programming 7 th: Linear Programming 10 th: Linear Programming 12 th: Portfolio Models 15 th: Actuarial Mathematics 16 th:

Incontri approfondimenti magistrali docenti luiss Hallmarks of the LUISS approach

Prossimi appuntamenti con le giornate di orientamento per le lauree magistrali e le lauree triennali o a ciclo unico dell'ateneo. Several PowerPoint slides, available on the web, will be used in classroom for teaching purposes. Students will be continuously exposed to case studies, simulations, company presentations and experiences, inspiring talks by top managers and professionals. Its goal is not simply to convey knowledge but to instill flexibility in young people, giving them a sense of mastery over their future. Additional credits A scelta dello studente - Elective courses 12 credits Students have to choose two courses of 6 credits that will be held in the I semester of the II year. The courses have to be chosen at the end of the I year. Linear Programming 7 th: Ulteriori conoscenze linguistiche - Further linguistic knowledge 4 credits Students have to attend a mandatory language, choosing from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The Laboratory is held in the II semester of the I year. The main purpose of the system is to reward consistently high performance, i. Portfolio Models 15 th: Se vuoi saperne di più o negare il consenso a tutti o solo ad alcuni cookie, leggi la cookie policy. The internship or project can be performed in both the I or II year of the program.

Incontri approfondimenti magistrali docenti luiss

Nel mese di marzo , tutti gli studenti potranno partecipare a una speciale Giornata di Orientamento conclusiva in cui potranno scoprire il mondo LUISS e partecipare a sessioni di tavoli tematici per Corso di Laurea Magistrale e avere un dialogo costruttivo con professionals e docenti in . 1st week: Getting a Grip on Trading (Ch. 1), order arrival, bid-ask prices, Rotman Interactive Trader (RIT), TraderEx, criteria for selecting the LUISS team for the Rotman International Trading Competition (RITC). ACADEMIC YEAR Course Master degree in Management Subject Quantitative Methods for Management Year First Semester First Credits 8 Prerequisites Knowledge of the basic concepts of mathematics and financial mathematics. Educational goals. LUISS – Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli – is an independent university. It was created out of a pre-existing Roman institution, Pro Deo, between and It was created out of a pre-existing Roman institution, Pro Deo, between and

Incontri approfondimenti magistrali docenti luiss
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